How could I upgrade my free account in Mockup Builder?
You could easily upgrade your account by choosing appropriative pricing plan on the Price page, or by pushing “Upgrade now” button anywhere inside the application.
Is there any trial period available for the pricing plans in Mockup Builder?
Yes, there is. All pricing plans have 14 days trial period. During this time, you will be able to enjoy all benefits that pricing plans offer for free.
What will happen to my data after my pricing plan is ended?
After your pricing plan ends, you will be automatically switched to the Free plan. Under this plan, it is available to work only on one project with 5 screens. You will be able to edit only 5 screens in one of your projects. Other projects would be unavailable. But all the data in them will be safely stored and they become available after proceeding pricing plan.
How can I change the password in my account in Mockup Builder?
For changing password, please, go inside the application and login. Then press on your username in the right-top corner. On the pop-up window choose the button “Profile” that is located on the right-top corner. You can change your password at the end of this page.

Also, it is possible to change your password during login process. When you are trying to login to Mockup Builder application, choose “Forgot Password?” link. In the appeared field put you email. You will obtain an email in a few minutes that includs a link providing the possibility to change the password.
How can I share my wireframes and mockups done in Mockup Builder?
You can share created wireframe and mockups in different ways. The easiest one is to share it by inbuilt Mockup Builder option. Inside the application in the right-top corner push the button “Share”. In the pop-up window, put your name in the appropriative fields, email of the person you want to share the project with and your comments. Take into account that under the free plan only public sharing option is available. More about sharing mockups in Mockup Builder. You could also export your mockup or wireframe as typical files. Under application choose in the menu “File” – “Export” and select the needed format of exportation file. Under the free plan, it is possible to export in *.png format. Under pricing plans, it is also possible to export in Word, Power Point and *.pdf format. Read more about export option in Mockup Builder.
Can I make a payment in other ways rather than by PayPal?
Please contact us by email to [email protected] noting preferred ways to make a payment, so we might consider those.
Can I delete my account in Mockup Builder?
Now there is a default possibility for this. If you want to delete your account, please contact us via email [email protected] with this request.
How safely is my personal data stored?
All your personal data is encrypted and instant database backup is done, so be sure that your data is pretty safe.
How to change Email ID in Mockup Builder?
Now it is not available for our users. We do not plan to add this option in the future.
Does Mockup Builder work on the smartphones and tablets?
No, it doesn’t. In near future we plan to add at least presentation mode to work at IOS, Android and Windows based mobile or handheld devices.
When I login and try to open a project, the designer takes forever to load. How can I fix that? (See the picture below)
1. In the App, right click anywhere outside of the working sheet. 2. In the menu that appears, choose the “Silverlight” option. 3. In the window “Microsoft Silverlight Configuration,” click on the tab “Application Storage” and select http://mockupbuilder.com/. Select “Delete.” 4. After deleting the storage, please reinstall Silverlight.
I can’t find a shortcut to Mockup Builder anywhere on Windows XP or the app under program files. Where does the software get installed on XP, so that I can create a shortcut?
Please visit our app from web first of all http://mockupbuilder.com. The web and desktop versions are the same.
I launch Mockup Builder and can’t start my project. I keep receiving an error message to download Microsoft Silverlight, but I have already done this. What do I need to start working with Mockup Builder?
Please use this website and check if Silverlight has been properly installed: http://www.silverlightversion.com/. If you are still having problems after Microsoft Silverlight is installed properly, please contact us by email at [email protected]. We will do our best to help you.