Mockup Builder - Welcome

A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow - Proverb

1. Main menu

All of the buttons in Mockup Builder’s Menu have a similar structure to a typical menu with standard commands such as Open, Close and Save Project. You can do a variety of things from the Menu, such as edit your Mockup (a short command is also available), export screenshots to PNG files and export/import projects.


2. UI Library

The UI Library is a long strip of UI Controls just below the Main menu. The UI library has a large range of different UI control types that Mockup supports.

Via the UI Library, customers can put any of the UI elements onto the mockup canvas, allowing them to use those elements to build a mockup.

3. The Mockup Canvas

The Mockup Canvas is a working area of Mockup Builders, where users make UI mockups more realistic. In Mockup Canvas you may add UI controls, move them and resize them as often as you want.

4. Common commands

The Common Commands include the same commands as the Edit menu: Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Group, Ungroup, and Lock. For better usability, users may use keyboard shortcuts. You may find most shortcut commands in Help content.